The Buyer Journey

Ready to Purchase a Home?

You’re thinking of buying a home. How exciting! But then you’ve heard some of the horror stories – multiple offers, sales prices much higher than the listed price, all-cash offers. Rest assured, I can help.


Here are the 5 steps we'll take together.


  • I always start with a deep understanding of the buying process which include your rights as a buyer and the terms associated with buying (contingencies, escrows, disclosures – oh my!)
  • Determine your wants, needs and desires – what’s important for you in a new home
  • Establish your search criteria and a plan of action for home searching
  • Sign-up for automatic email alerts
  • Begin viewing properties
  • Connecting you with top-notch lenders who can help to set a budget for you and understand the costs involved in buying a home to obtain loan pre-qualification/approval
  • Re-evaluate your search criteria as you view different homes
  • Continue searching until you find the perfect home
  • Reviewing disclosure packets (inspection reports and information that the seller must tell you) and overall just helping you to understand what it is you’re buying
  • Crafting an offer that sets you apart from the others – it’s not always about price
  • Submit offer to purchase home to seller’s agent
  • Discuss and clarify proposed terms and conditions
  • Negotiate offer including possible counter offers
  • Negotiating on your behalf with the agent representing the seller
  • Reach final agreement
  • Management and oversight of the transfer (escrow) process all the way to the point that keys are in your hand
  • Open escrow; deposit your earnest money
  • Receive escrow instructions and sign documents
  • Receive preliminary title report
  • Review inspections and disclosures
  • Request any needed repairs
  • Removal of remaining contingencies
  • Final inspection and walk-through
  • Secure loan funding/deposit your remaining funds into escrow
  • Record deed of title
  • Seller relocates; you take possession of property
  • Provides access to my vast list of vendors for any post sale work (repairs, remodels, fixes)
  • Provide resources for new home owner needs
  • Home improvement and financial advice
  • Contact me today and let’s get you those keys!

Work With Us

If you are considering buying or selling a home give us a call or send us a note. We would love to be a part of your process and add you to our long list of very happy clients!

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