Skyline Stage Presents:

A Very Special Evening With Derek Mo' & Kimberly Dooley Saturday, June 22nd Doors open at 6:30pm / Show at 7:30pm Tickets: FREE!


Saturday, June 22nd at 6:30pm

HOUSE CONCERT - Derek Mo' featuring Kimmy Dooley @ The Skyline Stage  (a.k.a Derek & Chris' House)

Outdoor House Concert in Oakland Hills - 341 Rishell Drive

Who's up for some music? We are!

2024 marks the 25th birthday of Derek's first (and only, at least for now...) record, Sweet Time. While maybe not worthy of Bob Dylan, it was a meaningful accomplishment in committing to sharing my love of music with the world. Much more so than just having a CD to fill up the shelves of my garage and to schlep at gigs in cafes and bars, it was my ticket to doing what I love more than anything - making and sharing music with friends. And like many 25 year old kids these days, this one is still living in my garage (about 500 copies worth!), and reminds me most every day how much I miss playing live. So what better reason to throw a little musical party?

I want to officially invite you (and your family and friends!) to join us for an awesome night of music, as Derek Mo’ returns to the stage after way too long, having been playing mostly just weddings and Dia De Los Muertos celebrations these days. J

As an extra special treat, Derek’s best friend and amazing artist Kimberly Dooley will be joining him for the show. Derek and Kimmy have been playing and recording together as KnD for several years and we’re excited to share some fun tunes and harmonies with you!

We’ll have some drinks and snacks, but feel free to bring anything else you’d like to enjoy during the show, and/or a drink or snacks to share potluck style.

Also, the show is OUTDOORS. We’ll have blankets if it gets a bit cool, but please dress for the weather.

I hope you all can come!


Derek 🤘🎸🎵🎤🎶